Gadis Bunuh Diri Di China

Seorang Gadis Bunuh Diri Di China dengan cara Melompat dari Jembatan , Tapi, lagi2 tidak ada seorang pun yang mau menolong, atau setidaknya memindahkan gadis malang ini dari tengah Jalan raya… ckckkckckkc
OK, China… you’re officially fucked. At first, I thought I’m witnessing a positive change in the behavior of the Chinese seeing that after the suicidal girl jumped the bridge, the cars that had her in their way stopped. But complete ignorance that followed smacked all my high hopes in the face.
It definitely is a good thing that the drivers at least tried to swerve around the suicide jumper – unlike they did with Yue Yue not so long ago. But seeing them all go on about their lives unfazed by the corpse in their path is a sign of utter ignorance. Even the car with the dashcam that filmed the whole thing – I thought at least they would stop and block the traffic so she could be pulled to the side, or until an ambulance got on the scene to take her away, but no.
There seems to be no empathy in China whatsoever. An alien culture that makes me feel ashamed of the man kind. The girl seems to be moving still and they just drive around her like she’s a road kill they don’t want to get their tires dirty with.
And as for the girl herself – great job picking a suicide jumping spot that’s both not high enough to safely kill you and busy with traffic to fuck up everybody else’s day. It’s a shame nobody stopped, but if you have issues and want to die, do it somewhere where it doesn’t interfere with lives of people who still have strength to struggle along. ==================================================================
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~ by bloghoror on January 19, 2012.

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