Seorang Lelaki Tua Terkapar Dijalan Dan tidak ada Yg Peduli

 Lagi, Bukti Warga China Mengalami Krisis Kemanusiaan.

When little Yue Yue was run over by two cars and people walked by her immobilized body without stopping to help, China was in outrage. And here we are, three months later and precious little has changed about how the Chinese act in presence of a person in need.
It was no different a month ago when a young woman was being stabbed in the street and none of the passers by attempted to help her. This latter case is slightly more understandable as not many people would want to put their life in direct harm’s way when a knife wielding psycho swings his blade around like a madman. But when someone collapses on the road, like the man in this video who may have suffered a heart attack, there is no armed maniac to prevent you from trying to save life.
Sources from China maintain that the man was on the road for hours, while passers by were asking one another why he’s lying there and why nobody is helping him, all the while traffic passed by him, casually swerving around as if his body was slick oil spill. Bloody hell, China… what is wrong with you?


~ by bloghoror on January 15, 2012.

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